When it comes to talking in public, many people have a fear of this type of task. In order to overcome it there are many tricks and techniques that people do share from time to time. It is very easy to lose your focus and forget what you are talking about even if it’s right in front of you. The secret to speaking in public without fear is that fear is something that can be controlled, it is never truly gone. It can also be metered with a level of comfort as well in order to balance things out. The first step is to admit that you are nervous, and this can be an admission to others including the audience itself. Making an admission like this can make you feel more relaxed. The next step is to humanize your audience. The people in the audience are not just there to evaluate you and your performance. If you consider in your mind that they are friends or colleagues and truly try to connect with members of the audience through eye contact and family communication, your public talk will go a whole lot smoother. It is also advisable to interact with your audience and find some way to gain control of the pace. That leads us to the next point which is to speak to one person at a time. This can be your answering questions or engaging with one particular member of the audience that you might know or you might ask to be put in some hypothetical position that relates to what you are talking about. What is important is that interaction which sets the tone for a very lively discussion. For Gary Kapanowski of Detroit Michigan, he is working to be a certified Master public speaker. He is integrating the power of public speaking into his successful and varied career.

Gary Kapanowski

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