Many people have questions about what Six Sigma is. In fact there are a great deal of questions always around. Suffice it to say that it is a valued certification that indicates that an individual has completed necessary requirements which address specific competencies. The construct of Six Sigma is that of process improvement in a structured set of techniques and specialized tools. Is implemented as a business strategy in many businesses today. To put it simply, as a company is looking towards improving the quality of process outputs they have the ability to eliminate the causes of defects within the process. The result is based on cyclical aspects and a resetting of the process once improvements are made. In doing so the next time around by statistical measures, the product can be improved and the process can begin once again as the next level of defects in the process are identified and later removed. Experts in these methods are given special levels at certain points in the process. These are known as green belts, yellow belts, black belts and champions. Within the various projects of a Six Sigma effort, a structure of specific steps are carried out in such a way that production targets can be identified in terms of specific goals. That could mean a very small subset which contributes to the bigger picture in some way. Whether it is focused on increasing customer retention, increasing profits, reducing expenses or whatever micro target is in play, the focus is instituted into the infrastructure of the process. As a respected financial executive, Gary Kapanowski has been very involved in organizational improvement for more than 26 years. He has been deeply involved with the teaching and implementation of the Six Sigma doctrine.

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