When a team completes a continuous improvement project, everyone feels a sense of pride and joy in doing good work for other team members and the organization.  As the Lean journey continues, the question becomes how do we learn from our mistakes to become better and faster?  The best way to do this is though project documentation for everyone to see, a project log.  This is something that will produce many benefits for the organization.  This is also an important task that is not utilized in many Lean and non-lean organizations.

Being the record keepers of financial data, accountants are best suited to assist the lean manufacturing team members to document both the financial and non-financial data of the project.  This is due to the neutral status of accounting within the organization by not directly benefiting from the project’s performance through project performance bonus.  Also, the accountant is perfectly suited to understand and calculate the direct and indirect impact of the project on the organization by having the ability to review the financial data in micro and macro views.  Thus, any correlated financial impact will be gathered by the accountant and properly recorded.

Published:  Journal of Cost Management.  March/ April 2016 Issue.

Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior


Download article from the Journal of Cost Management here:

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