Planning for retirement scares most people. The act of planning for when you don’t work anymore implies many uncomfortable truths: you’re getting older, you won’t be able to work your job forever, and you’ll need a good amount of money live on when you’re old. For these reasons, among others, most young people avoid retirement planning like the plague, but the truth is, the more you plan when retirement is still many years away, the easier it will become to make arrangements when you’re nearing the end of your career. Even though it seems like retirement is decades away, you should meet with a financial planner or set up a retirement account with your employer as soon as possible.

The problem that many people face when they reach retirement age is that their investments into their retirement funds won’t be enough to sustain them for the years after work. As a result, Americans are working longer into old age, leading to more problems. If you want make sure that your retirement fund is intact when you turn sixty, make sure that your investments are doing what they’re supposed to: getting you the best returns possible. Set up a retirement portfolio with diverse investments and monitor it constantly to see if you can make any improvements before you turn sixty.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski, as a professional accountant, has planned his retirement out well. Like many others, he didn’t start planning until he was well into middle age, but his recent work on his retirement fund has improved greatly since he started planning. Kapanowski lives and works in Wixom, Michigan.

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