Gary Kapanowski:  Peter Drucker’s Keys for Management

There are many things written about the scholar that invented the term “management consultant” and the study of business management.  He transformed the business equation from the behavior of commodities into the behavior of people.  Below are some of his notable accomplishments, most were completed from 1919 to 1950.

Drucker’s Keys

  • The father of modern business management
  • Developed the first Masters of Business Administration program
  • Led the Japan renaissance with W. Edwards Demming
  • Lesson: The first priority is the relationship between employees and customers
  • Expand the use of the “knowledge worker”: increase productivity and innovation though expertise and the use of information
  • Emphasized putting people in positions that allowed them to use their strengths, making weakness immaterial
  • Improve cooperation between management and labor
  • Place customer service before immediate profit
  • Infectious will to learn and grow, never stagnate
  • Wrote one of the top 3 business books of the 20th century “The practice of Management” explaining the importance of having a balanced variety of goals
  • Decentralized management to enable quicker decisions
  • Focus on core company strengths and outsource other operations
  • Abandon practices before the become out of date
  • Overcame: Resistance to smarter business practices
  • On consulting: make client see the “whys” and not just the answer
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it”
  • Greatest of all business management professors

Article Link:  http://news.investors.com/management-leaders-in-success/100214-719976-peter-drucker-was-the-original-business-consultant.htm

Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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