There is a service that advises individuals on passport citizen selection.  An index was computed with interesting results.  At the top of the list are the U.S. and the U.K., providing visa-free access to 147 countries.  This is mainly due to tourist dollars for the rest of the world.  The next group includes Germany, South Korea and France, all with 145 countries apiece.  Closely behind in index number 3 is Italy and Sweden, at 144 nations each.

Some interesting results include the following:

  • Over in Africa, a passport from the island nation of the Seychelles will get you quick entry into 116 nations, while among mainland African countries, South Africa finishes first with 84, followed closely by the West African Francophone nation of Guinea, at 81.
  • Among Middle Eastern states, Oman comes in first with 134, followed by Israel at 129.
  • Among the Latin American powers, Argentina (at 129) edges out its larger neighbor Brazil (128).
  • At the bottom of the Passport Index are five nations, each with just 28 easy-travel destinations include: Solomon Islands, the fellow island republic of São Tomé and Principe, South Sudan, the Palestinian Territories in the Mideast, and Myanmar (Burma).
  • All of these beat out both North Korea (44) and war-torn Iraq (38).

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