How is social media going to help my career you might ask?  Well if 94% of the recruiters are active on LinkedIn it seems to reason that we have to be there as well.  Currently, only 36% of job seekers are active in LinkedIn.  It seems that we found a variance or disconnect between supply (job seekers) and demand (recruiters).  Hey, this can lead to a Black Belt study!!

Before we get into any Black Belt analysis, this article by Jada Graves produces several quick items to implement to enhance your career when it comes to your LinkedIn profile.  I was informed of this article by a new LinkedIn connection, Tammy Eberhart, who was connected to someone that I attempted to connect with but was unsuccessful.  Although the original connect didn’t produce the anticipated result, Tammy assisted me with key facts about LinkedIn and strategies she has used in the past.  Currently, she is scheduled to present her knowledge to a group of professional development students at Lawrence Technological University.  Everyone is excited to participate in the interactive presentation.

With Tammy’s expert knowledge, I was able to utilize these 5 ideas from the article.  Best of luck with your profile and connections!!  My top 5 are below:

  • Not including the right profile image:   Show professionalism and your personality
  • Using the default LinkedIn connection language: Show your going the extra mile by personalizing your messages
  • Move away from the resume: there is no real restrictions, use as much space as needed
  • Cold contacting and connecting: great way to meet new people for your network and easy to implement
  • Not using LinkedIn in the first place: The #1 professional social media connection location

LEAN SIX SIGMA TEACHING POINT:  Alright, I did mention the variance between the recruiters and the job seekers.  This sets up nicely for a Black Belt analysis, especially since the analyzer is part of the customer base.  If you do determine something to improve to process to clear this issue, I think you will have a job with LinkedIn!!

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Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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