You may like him, or you may distain him.  Tony Robbins brings this out in us and that is not by mistake.  Tony is all about change, and hopefully for the better.  His has produced positive results not only for himself but others.  I have seen people change by utilizing his methodologies.  In that regard, I applaud Tony Robbins.  When I noticed he was looking into investing in the stock market, I became real interested.  With his past success, any new venture by Tony Robbins must be considered as credible.

This is a quick summary of his investment strategy based on interviewed of 50 top leaders in finance:

  • Don’t Lose – Avoid big risk bets
  • Risk a little to make a lot – Wait for market dips to buy stocks
  • Anticipate and diversify – Be where the market will be & spread your investments around
  • You’re never done – Always learn new things – keep the hunger
  • Act on decisions – the power is in the execution

One thing Tony Robbins clearly demonstrated that the most influential financial practitioners are not so different in the goals we set for our financial goals.  The main difference is that these people have the ability to transfer from the knowledge and planning phase and go directly into the execution and implementation phase.  A great lesson learned.

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Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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