Everyone likes a good stock tip. Sometimes they seem more farfetched that reality, until you review Tom Bemis from MarketWatch.com analysis of Apple stock around their earnings announcement. His analysis proves that since 2009, Apple stock averages a gain of 5.06% following its April results and 1.57% following its July results. If you thought that was profitable, the main increase is really between July to October earnings resulting in an 18.3% change. This is due to the new product launches. See complete grid as provided by MarketWatch.com and Tom Bemis.

Apple Inc. report month Average % change on day after earnings Average % change to next report
 Jan. -2.64 5.71
April 5.06 9.93
July 1.57 18.30
 Oct. -1.40 0.37
2009-14 avg. 0.65 8.58


This is a good time to take advantage of this stock play. Your two Apple stock plays to earn the January earnings of 5.71% are the following:

  • Buy Apple after the October earning announcement and hold for the stability in the 4th Quarter
  • Wait until after the January results to avoid the average reduction

Happy investing!!

Article Link: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/07/21/apple-shares-have-averaged-18-gain-in-quarter-after-july-earnings-over-last-5-years/

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