For college graduates, job seeking is a long process.  It’s good to know there are ways to improve your odds in finding that first full time job.  The top locations include Massachusetts, Delaware, and Washington State.  The bottom has West Virginia, Rhode Island and South Carolina.  What is impressive is that 63% of job openings in Massachusetts are for college graduates, while only 36% are designated in West Virginia.

For a type of job, students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have an edge.  Managerial and professional office jobs are above average.  Professionals in health-care, technical occupations, information services, consulting, business, and financial services are experiencing a growth in demand.

In trying to find a job, look online.  Over 70% of job openings are now advertised online than newspapers with community boards and job centers with almost four million unique job ads posted online each quarter. The time to find a job is also in the college graduates favor since they find positions 25% faster than those who do not have degrees.

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