It seems there are three items that the labor market demands from candidates: industry experience, location, and online profile and presence. As in the article by Andrea Coombes, we should concentrate on the online details since this is something we can control to a certain degree. The latest statistics are really interesting. Although the online presence review by recruiters is down from 78% to 73% and using LinkedIn down from 92% to 79%.   I think the bulk of the drop is due to the specific requirements for the jobs are pushing the recruiter to utilize more avenues than just the fastest and easiest method available.

Make no mistake, online presence is still the number one option for recruiters. Since this is the main method used by recruiters, how can a candidate improve their chances of obtaining the job? The survey of 1,855 recruiters point the way to a successful hire.

  1. Utilize the big three social media providers.
  2. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  3. Use the big three social media providers for business not for social.
  4. These are used to find out who you are as a person, do not make it confusing for the recruiters or the hiring manager to pass on you because you “posted” something that might be negative for you getting hired. 55% of recruiters reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile.
  5. Spelling is important.
  6. It shows you have good communication skills and pay attention to details.
  7. Maintain an active social profile.
  8. Be engaged in at least one aspect of your social media interest.
  9. Use keywords relevant to your industry in your profile.
  10. This will assist the recruiters to find you instead of someone else for the job position.

With all the connective aspects in today’s global world economy, having a focused social media profile and presence is now the baseline for every business professional.

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