This article provides easy and free initiatives to boost your blog.  I utilize these techniques and they work.  Using these points, I provide my tips as well.

  1. Develop a compelling value proposition – keep your topics to your blog’s goal since that is why your customers are coming to your site.
  2. Create a powerful brand slogan – clear and identifiable for customers to remember you by
  3. Get a great photo shoot – either of you or an image that represents you
  4. Commission a professional logo – this can also be your photo shoot
  5. Update you blog header – this is you elevator speech, make sure the customer knows you
  6. Tweak your About page – 2nd most viewed page, make sure it contains good “take-aways” for the customer
  7. Create a magnetic email incentive – this is your high target list
  8. Dress up your social media pages – build your brand across all platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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