Over the past several years, I’ve debated Robert Reich on his editorials in several newspapers and journals mainly on his facts leading to often misleading conclusions.  I want to applaud him in this case that I think he is on target with two of his points directly.  By using fact and Gemba, he has reached my conclusions.  First, the Kardashian like media blitz received by Donald Trump was a brilliant campaign tactic.  By receiving $1.9billion plus in free media, his campaign was lean in cost and also in time since this result of the free media was delivered to the public instantaneously, without delay (one of the 8 wastes in lean).   This allowed for his campaign to expend under 50% of the other campaigns combined.

The second issue is not just the other candidates but also pollsters not recognizing the trends in the public.  This started globally with the Brexit and other populist movements in Europe stating the common citizen is not in agreement with the global decisions by non-represented electors.  As stated in his article, Mr. Reich clearly demonstrated that the Democrats have occupied the White House 16 out of 24 years and in that time have failed to reverse the decline of the working-class wages and jobs.  This included not provided provisions to protect the workers for losing their jobs and letting corporations keep more of the profits of the free trade.  This clearly explains the connection between NAFTA and increasing Wealth Gap due to the flatting and/or decrease real wages; thus allowing for the ‘rich’ to expand due to the profits from free trade are not passed equally to the working-class.

If you find any other lean approaches, please let me know.

Article Link:  http://www.freep.com/story/opinion/contributors/2016/11/10/reich-trumps-three-biggest-enablers/93603270/

Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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