As the great guitarist Eric Clapton says:  “It’s in the way that you use it”….

This perfectly summarizes this report regarding the culture based on economics, it really is surprising.

Multiple studies gathering data from 1950+ indicate the use of technology and information is different across economic segments of the society.  The “Rich” utilize this for Jobs, education, political, social engagement health, and new gathering.  The “Poor” utilize this more for entertainment and recreation.  When applying the use of smart phones, the “Rich” were able to apply this for mobility enhancing either monetarily, social, or political.  The “Poor” were not able to replicate this effect.  Many of the results were based on the fact that the information and advance technology assisted people to enhance their strengths.  A recent study indicate that the top 1/5th of the economy has 20-25% more friends than parents from the bottom 1/5th of the economy. This included both personal and professional friendships.

This is very disturbing since it describes the poverty trap all too well.  Even when people are giving the tools to even out the playing field, it seems that the gap widens instead of tightens.  I see this with my professional development students in some fashion as they fight through the long unemployment issues and societal peer pressure.   It’s hard to keep things positive.

It seems that any type of course correction that is not based on economic mobility or enhancement will not succeed.  Technology is a strategy for the back end of the equation, after someone has an economic material job and career established and not to bring someone up to that job status.

Another way to say it:  “Don’t hate the playa”, “FIX THE SYSTEM”

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