Are we near the day of reckoning for the California water problem?  When the solution is to build a pipeline from Michigan or Seattle to California, I think we are at the end of the line.  With the three main factions at a cross roads, even Eric Clapton couldn’t sing his way out of this mess.  The environmentalists want to preserve the watersheds, residents who want to keep shrubs green and washing machines running, and the state’s massive $21.4 billion agriculture industry needs its resources.  The main issue is there isn’t enough to go around with the current usage rates and the supply will be dry in one year.

Having the largest population and agriculture state in the union, this is causing concerns not only for the state but others around the state.  This will end with higher prices for produce, estimated at 6%.  This doesn’t account for drought and other inefficiencies.

This looks like a great Lean Six Sigma project.  Go put you big toe in the ocean….let me know the temperature.

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