According to one expert, there is no one sign that can tell you if someone is lying.  The best approach is to review all aspects of communication, such as facial expressions, posture, and speech.  Since lying is challenging work for someone to suppress all aspects of lying, one or more of these actionable areas will leak out and reveal to us if we are looking for it.  The best way to do this is to compare what people are saying to what they are doing.  All studies point to the actions than just relying on the words to successfully notice lying.

In so many aspects of our professional career, we communicate with others to gather information.  Do we ever verify or corroborate the data with what is actually occurring?  There are several current events that come to mind if we compare the actions to the communication there are discrepancies.  I expect events in anyone’s life would also fit with this test.

One way for me to incorporate this test is using the lean principle of Gemba, going to the workplace.  Through physical observation of the process and people interaction within the environment, one can easily understand what should occur from what is occurring.  Compare this with the verbal communication with the people involved will eliminate any discrepancies and potential lying.

It’s great to see the fundamentals of lean transcend different aspects of not just business but even personal life.

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