There are many ways to work and where to work.  The issue is how to be productive.  With many people working outside of a traditional office, new standards are needed to create a lean work environment.

  1. When possible, establish a dedicated work location. This will allow for your focus on work tasks only.  This will exclude such items as TV, radio, or other distractions.
  2. 5S your area. This includes sorting, set items in order, shine (clean), standardize, the sustain (repeat). This will allow for your thoughts to be focused on work items and not distracted by non-value added items.
  3. Establish regular “office” or work hours to establish a daily routine. Build in a regular lunch break where you leave your work location.  This allows for a seamless transition into your workday.  This can also include getting dressed as if you are physically going to an office environment.
  4. Limit distractions. Avoid social media or other derailments to you accomplishing your work tasks.
  5. Establish set times to view new emails and other social media. A best practice for office management is to limit your viewing of office and other social media communications.  This causes a distraction just like TV or radio.
  6. Identify set goals for tasks to be accomplished when not working at the main work center. This allows for focused effort to complete tasks needed at this time.
  7. Stay connected with co-workers beyond email. Establish conference and video calls to keep your work network strong.

With these easy steps, you can work remotely with the same efficiency as at your regular office location.  Let me know if this helps you and what you find most important:

Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

The following blog is the opinion of Gary Kapanowski and It is the sole intent to broadcast this opinion from Gary Kapanowski and exclusively and not to reflect on any other institutions or organizations associated with Gary Kapanowski or

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