You may have noticed that the latest crisis in the US is the tax law favoring US companies.  After reviewing the detail, this is a minor point.  This is clearly a political move to draw attention away from other concerns.  Here are the facts:

  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports that U.S. companies pay a tax rate of 39.1% (when the average state tax is factored in).
  • Of the 42 major economic countries, eight have taxes under 20%. Twenty eight counties have taxes between 20% to 30%. There are six countries with taxes over 30% which include Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Portugal, and US.
  • The corporate tax rate represents under 10% of the total tax revenues by the IRS.

It is unfortunate that the country does not realize how the “pawns” are moved in this political game of chess.  To remedy this condition, several things can be implemented.  The treasury can set more difficult standards for financial instruments as to what is considered as debt or equity.  Another is to allow for the tax rates to reflect the global levels.  This will eliminate any business decisions that are based on tax relief.

LEAN SIX SIGMA TEACHING POINT:  The article and my personal observation provided for a beginning of a fishbone diagram in the Analyze phase of the Black Belt DMAIC process.  We can test the two possible solutions to see if either scenario will make a significant statistical improvement.  This can be performed with a null hypothesis test or ANOVA test as an example.  The article provides the origination of the data to provide a single source to integrate the results quickly.  This eliminates any issue regarding data integrity in the Measurement phase.  If you attempt this exercise, please let me know your results.  This really looks interesting.

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