For over fifteen years, Gary Kapanowski has applied his expert accounting services to help various professional organizations streamline their business. He continues to share his accounting knowledge to many professionals throughout the business community in Southeastern Michigan. He is an experienced accounting professional who has proven to be a valuable asset to the companies that he has provided service to.

gary kapanowski

He has shared his knowledge and expertise of finance, information systems, team management, auditing, tax analysis, accounting and staff supervision with employers. Throughout the years he has proven his value to professional organizations through external and internal auditing, skilled budget planning and analysis and expert financial reporting. Gary Kapanowski graduated from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, and is considered to be an accounting and financial specialist. He has helped numerous companies capitalize on many cross-functional accounting competencies, and meet monthly and annual organizational objectives.

gary kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski’s accounting and auditing abilities have provided employers with the opportunity to be better prepared, and avoid potentially devastating financial pitfalls. He has optimized their opportunities for success by making their operations more streamlined. He has been valued for his commitment to accuracy and his ability to meet deadlines in high pressure business environments. He knows how to design and implement comprehensive and complex solutions in a small period of time and understands how to approach complex problems. Gary Kapanowski has been an invaluable asset to many professional teams, by providing the leadership and the guidance needed to consistently complete projects, meet objectives and exceed organizational objectives.

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