There are many companies competing for the top stop in the next generation of the automobile, autonomous vehicles.  This article describes the following groups in play for the next generation winner for transportation.

  • Apple Project Titan: Currently reduced staff for this project.  Apple has R&D resources for this type of project and is a constant winner with new technology and connecting to the customer.
  • Ford: Working business model for city’s with autonomous vehicles.  Might have first movers advantage.
  • Fiat Chrysler: Utilizing a strategy with other tech firms such as google. Interesting approach.
  • General Motors: Assisting internal R&D buy buying Lyft for $500 million and Cruise Automation for $580 million.  With past accomplishments in new technology in vehicles, GM remains a major player in this arena.
  • Toyota: Not close with autonomous development.  Waiting it out for others to develop then replicate.
  • Nissan: Developing a “SAM” system, Seamless Autonomous Mobility. They intend to transition into autonomy then plug-in-play like others.
  • Tesla: In a pilot program to allow for 1,000 customers to test their product. Most advance of all participants.
  • Uber: Best position to utilize the autonomous vehicles than any other customer. First adopter and accommodating business model to allow for this to occur.
  • Volkswagen: Successfully test drove an autonomous vehicle over 3,000 miles. First to publish report.
  • Volvo: Looking at both cars and   Might have the right business model to use the delivery industry to assist with early adopters.
  • Waymo: This google group is moving from R&D into production. Look at this group for future news.

This is something to consider from any aspect.  Look for news on these companies to see who is advancing this new industry.  The winner in the long run will be all customers.

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