LinkedIn is a great place for connections in a business environment.  To progress within LinkedIn, adding connections over 500 is a must.  Other activities such as endorsing other connections skills and posting articles are also important.  Liking articles can also increase you overall presence in Linkedin, but at what cost.  This article explains this specifically.

  • The secret to good networking is all about giving
  • The goal is to have a sizeable network that is engaging with your content
  • The action of liking articles will show on your connections news feeds. If used too much, this will minimize your effectiveness and have your connectors ignore your Linkedin actions.

To avoid this dilemma, social media expert Guy Kawasaki recommends a machine gun approach:  “My theory is that if you’re not (irritating) people off using social media then you aren’t using it right.”

The overall question to answer is will this posting give to others or not.  If so, post since it meets the goal of giving to others in social media.  Here are the specific questions to answer:

  • Do I agree with the author’s perspective in this article?
  • Has the article provided me with some value?
  • Will liking this article enhance my reputation in this network?
  • Could the article provide my network with some value?
  • Can I contribute to the conversation in some way? (If so, like and comment below)

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Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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