Rochelle Riley’s article is a nice first step to understanding how the presidential vote was casts, especially in Michigan.  Using our “lean” eyes, several interesting why should appear after reading the article.

  • Why did women not vote as a block to support her presidency?
  • Were their different segments of the population not treated as a voting block that voted a certain way?
  • Was there a feeling of entitlement for the presidency than in the past?
  • Was there something different in other glass-ceiling movements that didn’t occur in this instance?

The article addresses the first issue regarding women not voting as a block support.  It is being reported that only a 12 point gap was earned in the women vote in Michigan and actually lost when compared to women without college degrees.  I think we can agree that is considered common in today’s politics.  Is that bias?  Data is needed to support that argument.  It is too early to tell if this is the case in this political race.  We know there are a lot of resources being used to determine this and more issues.  Time will tell.

I am intriguer by the other lean observations.  We need to remember all votes count and all votes have representation under the Electoral College to avoid skewing of policies in the republic.  Please let me know your thoughts on the issue.

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