Let’s play a game:  What would your household income need to be to be part of the 1%?  According to the IRS 2014 data, it would take at least $380,000.

  • What is the highest state level? Connecticut at $678,000
  • What is the lowest state level? Arkansas at $228,000

With the economic policies of the governments to promote monetary easing and support of a low interest / inflation economy, the only result possible is for top 1% gaining over 50% of all economic growth from 2009-12.  This also shows that the middle class is squeeze out of the economic growth game due to the fact this group doesn’t save and doesn’t have the principal to invest to take advance of this policy like the top 1% can.

This article lists the levels for each state.  See where your state ranks on this list.  Can you participate in the 1% playground?

Article Link: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-how-much-it-takes-to-join-your-states-1-2015-01-28/

Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior

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