The updated news coming from the Flint water issue is alarming.  Government officials note the water quality is improving but not in the clear.  At the same time of this announcement, job postings for lead abatement jobs were issued by the government.  This is the denial – acceptance two step in action.

Some questions that have never been provided are about detection.

  1. Are the samples used for the past 10 years in Flint accessible and available for re-testing? Where are all the results from past test and have the individuals and supervisors been interviewed to explain their results and conclusions.
  2. Is there a Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)? This will have every possible safety failure identified and how to mitigate or respond to the issue occurring.  It will also provide for areas to improvement.  Upon reading the news from this crisis, it appears this was not complete or was lacking in many areas from industry standards.  This alone is reason to remove everyone involved with this issue starting with the city officials and mayor.
  3. The slow nature of response points to a bureaucratic process that does not have the customer as the focus but to protect the process. This is a shame due the he sole reason the process is in place is to protect the customer. There are multiple checks-balances to prevent this from occurring.

My wish is that the government offices sent to review what occurred in this case has a open view point to ask the 5 why questions to get to a root cause and fix the process.  Let the voters, courts, and human resources decided on the people issue.

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