Midwest employees frown on emoji trend, survey says

Communication is always an interesting study and business communications can be ever more so.  In a recent study, Michigan emojis usage in business communications was far below the national average.  Some examples include the Michigan respondents viewed emoji use as a negative 47% compared to the national average of 26%.  Also, the Midwest response that they never used emoji in business communications was 75% compared to the national average of 59%.  Clearly, this is not a common used item, but the trend in the Midwest is behind the average.

Emojis originated on Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s. They’ve become increasingly popular since their inclusion in the iPhone as well as Android other mobile operating systems.  It seems that data points to the Midwest as separating this form of communication as more social than business.  As an overall practice of communications, it is best to use forms and language that both parties can agree on the direction of the conveyed message.  This form of communications can be misinterpreted due to the lack of universal usage.  Be careful is good practice on the business communications front.

Article Link:  http://www.freep.com/story/money/business/columnists/carol-cain/2016/07/23/world-emoji-day-trend-/87409614/

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