Detroit is a city that has had some peaks and some definite valleys in its history. In recent years after decades of success in the automotive industry, it has been one of the most fascinating stories in American history to witness the slow decay of one of the country’s greatest cities. Detroit holds the ominous title of being the largest US city to have ever filed for bankruptcy. However the city is coming back in a number of ways that people may not realize. Detroit is renewing itself through implementing a growing partnership between government and business. The city is putting together an instructive playbook that is regrouping around the focus on a resurgent domestic auto industry. A big part of that resurgence comes from the needs of major car companies who just a few short years ago were famously bailed out by American taxpayers. Now the famous iconic American car manufacturers have returned to this once great city and have started to invest in assembly plants and other industrial sites within the city limits. They have also started to return to historic office buildings within the downtown area. These pledges of support have started to plant the seeds of recovery and the future is looking brighter every day. The city itself is reciprocating that commitment from business as it is required to justify that support by creating conditions that allow these businesses to operate and prosper. This of course means incentives on some level, but it also means restoring faith in public safety, roadways, street lighting and other basic public services. The government seems to be functioning well within the city and that can only lead to good things. Gary Kapanowski is a respected professional in the community that is also committed to the improvement of the city. He has supported a number of causes which have taken a grassroots approach to attracting investors, entrepreneurs and businesses back into the fold.

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