One of the great questions of this decade will be if Islamic State and al Qaeda will be around in 2030.  The current history lesion points towards democratic societies surviving all challenges.  Although there are several cases of stalemate, the democratic societies have continued and prospered while the other societal offerings have seen various degrees of diminishing returns.  Also, the democratic societies have progress though the societal evolution of human rights.  The other groups such as the Islamic State and al Qaeda are nowhere near this platform.

This article points to a condition that might see a merger of sorts between these two factions.  There are many issues that would keep each faction from combining forces which are pointed out with expert precision in the article.  In the end, I agree with the author that due to necessity, the groups will combine much in the way of the WWII factions of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

If you are interested in learning about these groups and the macro issues surrounding their “movement”, this article is a must read.

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