Gary Kapanowski was once a member of the Institute of Management Accountants Community Revitalization Committee, an effort to grow organizational membership and provide even more accounting and finance professionals the opportunity to access valuable networking and career-building resources.

As a part of the IMA Community Revitalization Committee, Gary Kapanowski was committed to the development of strategies that worked to promote energy, enthusiasm, growth and participation amongst both prospective and existing members. The mission of Gary Kapanowski and the committee was to develop and provide recommendations for IMA that would allow the organization that would help the IMA better reach organizational objectives and goals. This revitalization effort involved the identification and development of operational and structural models that would define organizational objectives and help improve member participation and enthusiasm throughout the worldwide IMA community.

Gary Kapanowski provided invaluable input to the Community Revitalization Committee, which sought to tap into a large and unengaged professional audience. Through careful analysis and research, Gary Kapanowski and the committee developed a report that was delivered to the IMA board at the 2007 Annual IMA Conference. This report provided the IMA board with the ability to develop a better promotional organizational enhancement strategy; one that provided the IMA with higher visibility amongst a large group of finance and accounting professionals worldwide.

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