In a new study, a Harvard business school professor argues that power-posing can be more effective than traditional confidence-boosting exercises, like telling yourself how great you are.  This pose is open, take up a lot of space by holding your arms and legs away from your body, i.e. the “Wonder Woman” pose.  This suggests that our attitude follow our behaviors. These “self-nudges” or small tweks to your body or mind-set can produce psychological and behavior improvements at the moment while telling yourself “I’m awesome!” requires a more Significant attitude shift that is not easy to adopt.

This body-mind nudges allows skipping over any psychological stumbling blocks and relying on your body which is more of a direct link to the mind.  Another positive aspect of this nudge is that other people notice this powerful change and act accordingly to reinforce your behavior.  This continuing cycle builds and assists with the positive change in confidence.

The best aspect of this study is that anyone can adopt this today to see it work.  Try it out and let me know if your power pose is producing the positive reinforcement to boost your confidence.

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