I got one response to this news:  CIVIL WAR

Since the inception of these characters, the Civil War concept and series released in 2000’s pits Iron Man against Captain America with Spider Man as the key figure of what side will he choose.  The back story has implications of today’s society on privacy and who do you trust.  This will be a big hit for Marvel and fans since everyone is looking for this classic battle to begin.

The business angle behind this is the reason for the move.  Sony’s launching of Spider man in 2002 grossed over $400 million while the latest movie just earned over $200 million.  This sharp fall is in contrast to all the releases by Marvel, especially with the Iron Man series starting at over $300 million and ending with over $400 million for Iron man 3.  Coupling this with the monster box office hit Avengers with over $600 million and all of the other releases all improved from the first release, it’s clear that Sony’s Spider Man wasn’t connecting with the audience as Marvel was able to implement.

This is a win-win for everyone involved since it will allow for the continuation of the Marvel’s best storyline Spider Man into the future with the potential of surpassing Iron Man and develop other combine movie combinations.

Article Link:  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-the-sony-marvel-deal-is-amazing-for-spider-man-fans-2015-02-10

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