In business, the closer we can be to the customer the better.  As a lean six sigma professional, this eliminates wastes (muda) and delights our customers by delivery services the customer is willing to pay.  The result from the US women’s world cup victory indicates some changes in the customer profile that was not expressed or visible in the past.  For example in the US, more people watched a women’s soccer game than the last World Series, NBA Final, Stanley Cup final or men’s World Cup final.  This goes against popular sports common knowledge that there is not a financial model for women’s soccer in the US.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Also, the women’s soccer share of the financial payout was $2 million, compared to the $8 million received by each of the man teams that didn’t make the second round of the World Cup.  Lastly, the outgoing FIFA executives told the women soccer players to “gain sex appeal” to get more money and benefits from the organization.  I don’t think that was expressed to the men soccer players at any time.  The unequal treatment of the two sports is appalling.

Below are some examples of what we learned:

  1. Change is coming
  2. Build from the ground up
  3. Ride the momentum
  4. Continuity is key
  5. Soccer is up for grabs in the U.S.

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