Reading several reports over the past quarter illustrates that many pundits have miss-timed the market. This is due to several new inputs not seen in past markets or recoveries. This includes the aggressive Federal Reserve buying of debt, change in the US regulation industry, and change in the health care industry. Alan Greenspan also proved statistically that there was a ‘crowding-out effect” of the government involvement in the TARP 2008 program with companies investment in growth and development.

The current recovery is at the 5.2 year level which is just above the average and within one standard deviation. It is not unheard to experience a recovery of 9+ years. The current percentage gain is also above the average and within one standard deviation. This data would suggest there are more “legs” to this current recovery.

Of the eight strategists, three have raised their 2014 target for the S&P with no one lowering the target. This also supports the theory that any retraction in this economy is not foreseen in the current year.

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