This is an interesting article that identifies the ten wealthiest people in the world under 40.  Everyone knows the number one individual, but how many more do you know.  Take a look at the list and see, it surprised me as well.

10 wealthiest people in the world under 40

  1. Mark Zuckerberg, 30 , Co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Net worth: $35.1 billion
  2. Dustin Moskovitz, 30 , Facebook’s third employee, Net worth: $7.7 billion
  3. Jan Koum, 38, Co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp, Net worth: $7.7 billion
  4. Scott Duncan, 32, Son of the late Dan Duncan, co-founder of natural gas and crude oil pipeline company Enterprise Products, Net worth: $5.5 billion
  5. Sean Parker, 35, Facebook’s first president and co-founder of file-sharing site Napster, Net worth: $5.2 billion
  6. Yang Huiyan, 34, Daughter of Chinese real-estate mogul Yang Guoquiang, Net worth: $5.1 billion
  7. Alejandro Santo Domingo Dávila, 38, Son of the late Colombian businessman Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Net worth: $4.9 billion
  8. Elizabeth Holmes, 31, Founder of blood-testing company Theranos, Net worth: $4.5 billion
  9. Eduardo Saverin, 32, Brazilian co-founder of Facebook, Net worth: $4.4 billion
  10. Arun Pudur, 38, Indian founder of software company Celframe, Net worth: $4 billion

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