This article clearly explains the complex puzzle known as college admissions.  It is amazing to see when states like Michigan force high schools to use SAT exclusively when the statistics clearly state there is no difference between the SAT and ACT in determining college performance.  In 2012, more students are selecting the ACT over the SAT for the first time since records were collected (1986).   Also, with the statistic pointing that high SAT scores correlate with high family income levels and specific ethnic races, it seems that politics instead of the student (customer) needs are being considered.

Another clear point to notice is that the institutions like having full paid tuition.  This is generated exclusively from out of state and non-citizen students.  A fact not explained to students is that colleges will be chasing students as the number of high school students started to level of in 2013 at 3.2 million and expected to remain at the at level until 2020.  Thus, colleges will be fighting over students to fill out the current level of freshman classes.  This will allow for more negotiating power for students in the next several years.

As you start the process of college admissions, read this article to assist with what is most important for you, the customer, and not for the institution.

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