Many organizations offer reasons for not implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.  The benefits are documented in every industry for implementation.  Here are several “reasons” cited for not utilizing this now global standard for continuous improvement.  Where does your organization fall in this list?  The next blog will contain the demystifying of these 10 reasons.

1. I’ve never heard of Lean Six Sigma.

2. Lean Six Sigma is a fad, just like Total Quality Management, the Juran Quality Trilogy, Theory of Constraints, and Business Process Re-Engineering.

3. We don’t have time for a Lean Six Sigma program.

4. Our company can’t afford the costs of implementing a Lean Six Sigma program.

5. We’re too small. LSS is for large companies.

6. We’re not a manufacturer.

7. Lean Six Sigma involves a lot of statistics and advanced mathematics. Most of our employees are front-line operators — not engineers.

8. Lean is a better fit for our business. Six Sigma is too advanced.

9. We’ve tried Lean Six Sigma years ago and did not achieve good results.

10. Fear of the unknown or failure.

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