Here are several new and old methods used by veteran investors.  Please review to see if they offer encouragement to invest in this volatile stock market.

1. Sector funds — Why not overweight your portfolio to market sectors that will outperform in 2015?

2. Individual stocks — Only if you require risk.

3. A g u ru — The grading out of expert stock pickers turned into a 48% success rate.  Use a coin instead!

4. Alternative mutual funds —Funds promise to reduce volatility, increase diversification, and produce returns non-correlated to long-only stock and bond funds.

5. Variable annuity —Avoid them if you haven’t maximized contributions to your 401(k)s and IRAs.

6. Single-country funds —Your portfolio should own an international stock index fund.

7. Wrap accounts —Wrap accounts are inappropriate for clients who trade infrequently and don’t need commission relief.

8. Nondeductible 401(k) contributions — If you max out your pretax contributions, don’t add post-tax money to your 401(k).

9. Inverse funds — The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has SPX, -0.47% produced positive returns in 39 of the past 50 years. Therefore, a bet against a rising stock market is unlikely to enhance long-term returns.

10. Leveraged funds —If held for the long term, these funds will provide a multiple of the market’s volatility but not an equivalent multiple of its return.  Do not own them.

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