Gary Kapanowski: The Apple Stock Play

Everyone likes a good stock tip. Sometimes they seem more farfetched that reality, until you review Tom Bemis from analysis of Apple stock around their earnings announcement. His analysis proves that since 2009, Apple stock averages a gain of 5.06% following its April results and 1.57% following its July results. If you thought that […]

Gary Kapanowski: Apple’s stock rise (again) due to several factors

Apple seems to be the technological giant that just won’t leave. As the company releasing another set of new products and more on the way in 2014, is it any wonder how analyst doubted this company’s success with its execution from Research and development to customer. Of all the things that can be said about […]

Gary Kapanowski: How to Become the Wealtiest Man in China like Jack Ma? IT & Alibaba of Course

There is a shift in the economic wind from Real Estate into Technology in China, and that is a good thing.   This reflects the overall world economic trends and balance, eliminating the suggestion that China was experiencing an economic bubble.   Currently in China, 5 of the top 10 wealthiest individuals/groups are in Technology and only […]

Gary Kapanowski – Is Ailbaba worth $125 per share?

From the initial public offering (IPO) of $68 per share, Alibaba (BABA) shares have increased to over $100. Since that quick rise, the stock has receded to $85. Should this be part of your core investment holdings in 12 months? Is this the next Google for China? There are many reasons to say yes to […]

Gary Kapanowski – Macomb County – Michigan Investment produces several top 10 lists throughout the year. This one really caught my eye in regards to the Macomb County “Arsenal of Democracy” theme in Michigan. This area is fully entrenched with the Big 3 Auto companies from the beginning of the industrial age and even increased after World War II. For our analysis, […]

Gary Kapanowski – Lamborghini Aventador

In the spirit of MC Hammer “You can’t touch this” comes something from my wheel-house: Fast Sport Cars. Yep, in the latest offering by Michael Bay’s Transformer series, “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, the star actors cannot touch the sport cars unless they are using them in a scene (See article below). Hey, both Autobots and […]