Gary Kapanowski: Saudis, other Gulf States to oppose OPEC output cuts – Predicted here

As predicted in previous blogs, the Gulf nations agreed to oppose any cut to OPEC production despite the falling oil prices per barrel. As reported on 10/16/14, these members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries do not want to lose any share in global oil markets. The next meeting is in Vienna on […]

Gary Kapanowski: Can OPEC Remain Together Amid Falling Oil Prices?

This is a follow-up article on some recent news regarding the oil cartel OPEC. Many of the members are complaining due to the falling prices for oil and lack of production adjustment to stabilize the oil price. At this time it’s a good reminder to understand why OPEC was created. It was founded to leverage […]

Gary Kapanowski: Oil Supremacy – Saudi Arabia and North Dakota

In the Oil news, as the price drops to under $3 a gallon of gas, the production from Saudi Arabia is said to remain the same to keep market share of the demand. This has been predicted by many analysts since the belief in the market is that the Saudi Arabian producers can win any […]