Gary Kapanowski: Here are the reasons oil is plunging

The 44% drop in oil price at the end of 2014 continues to confuse many experts.  There are several reasons for the issue.  This article lists all the reason with possible explanations.  I will list them here for your observation. Shade Oil Price War Weak Demand Geopolitical Fears Strong Dollar There are only three counties […]

Gary Kapanowski: Goldman Sachs has three rules for investing success in this volatile market

In today’s volatile market, staying true to your investment strategy becomes very difficult.  To assist investors, Goldman Sachs provided three rules to assist in obtaining profits.  To start, the factors driving he market are Global growth in clouds, Dollar strength to be at par with the euro, the bear market for oil, and small caps […]

Gary Kapanowski: 3 reasons to stop betting that oil will continue to plunge

With all the volatility in Oil, we see more experts on every business channel and beyond.  The correlation is almost 100%.  This increases the chatter and noise on the real question investors want to know:  when will oil stop falling?  This is a nice article which uses statistics to assist with answering that question.  We […]

Gary Kapanowski: Three scenarios that result in a rebound for oil

The recent price deflation in oil was a shock to many investors and conventional wisdom.  No one has answered the real question of the reasons why the oil supply has exceeded demand.  Many point to the increase in the hydraulic fracturing in the US for the increase in supply.  This does has some effect but […]

Gary Kapanowski: Saudi Texas

Texas crude oil production has a remarkable history and variance.  In 1985, the production level of 2,500,000 barrels per day even created a television show.  This was the high watermark for the region.  As the production slowed, no one predicted at that time the bottom would end with 900,000 barrels per day in 2001, a […]

Gary Kapanowski: War on Waste?

Lately, there has been many business reviews and discussion on the “war on waste”. The latest is a newsletter from the Las Vegas Lean Institute. Displaying the principles of war from the German general Major General Karl Von Clausewitz extends our “LEAN EYES” far beyond the work place. I thought it would be a good […]

Gary Kapanowski: Price of Oil and ISIS

Charting the oil price per barrel is a key metric on the global economy and overall peace and stability in the world. Starting from a ceiling level of $147 per barrel in 2010, today’s current level at $80 indicates there is no real fear factor in the market of an oil slowdown. This is the […]