Gary Kapanowski: 5 Good Reasons to Make Metrics Your Mantra

It’s easy to understand that the goal for the team, division, and/or company when you have clear and understandable metrics.  Team members can talk to it, discuss it, and solve problems due to the known goal.  It is why employees are needed:  customer problems produce profit opportunities for problem solvers. By having a full control […]

Gary Kapanowski: No Left Turns

I was reading an article about UPS drivers that was interesting: all UPS drivers follow company private GPS software that provides routes without left turns. For many of us, this would be a welcome addition to our navigation systems. As Lean Six Sigma professionals, we can quickly identify this as a Lean (FLOW) issue. Applying […]

Gary Kapanowski: Stock Market Bubble Burst Time

There are many pundits predicting the end of the world for the stock market and an equal amount cheering for more good times. How can you blame the positive thinkers? The market is at or near all-time high levels with no real end in sight. The primary stimulus is the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” or […]

Gary Kapanowski: Is it the Fed, really?

There are as many theories regarding the Federal Reserve and the recent policies undertaken since the financial meltdown. In this article by Chris Martenson, he clearly demonstrates the policy of the Federal Reserve and avoids getting into the whys of the policies. His analysis of the comments by the chairperson’s testimony is rational and important […]

Gary Kapanowski: Market Sell-Off Deja-vu / All over Again

Many chart analysts are describing this recent stock market selloff to the 2010. They claim that both declines are many due to the public’s psyche that the country’s leadership cannot fix the problem. Tom McClellan is a chart watcher, using history as a guide for the future, believing markets will behave in the same way […]

Gary Kapanowski: Wordle is the Word Cloud

Wordle is a great tool to assist in understanding your documents. This product will allow for you to “see” what the words are telling your reader. It visually describes what you are writing to your audience. For example, you want your name to be expressed the most, i.e. Gary Kapanowski. If the wordle output does […]

Gary Kapanowski: New Science Backed Persuasion Techniques

There is something to be said for the new techniques for persuasion communication. This article by Jessica Stillman describes some of the newer ideas in this topic. The latest studies surround the following: moderate eye contact, keep the limit to three, and uncertainty is your friend. See if this provides any updated communication tools for […]

Gary Kapanowski: The Billionaire Club

Many people are talking about the income gap between the have and the have-nots. Having real data provides meaning to the observations sited as fact by many pundits. Catey Hill from MarketWatch wrote an interesting article using real data to clarify many interesting features such as There is 1 billionaire for every 3 million people […]

Gary Kapanowski: SpaceX…The Final Frontier

Space….the final frontier…..this is the opening line for any spacecraft launch. On September 24th, the SpaceX organization successfully reached the International Space Station, delivering nearly 5,000 pounds of cargo to the orbiting lab, the fourth official resupply mission for NASA and fifth trip to station overall. In case you haven’t heard, the US space program […]