GARY KAPANOWSKI: LEAN Manufacturing through Compact Machining Cell

This article focuses on the actual manufacturing processes and Lean principles to reduce waste, such as idle spindle time, lost time during set-up, or for loading and unloading work pieces.  The author does a nice job describing the complexities of this organizations difficulty with meeting customer specifications that make it difficult for international competition to […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Achieving measurable improvements in Lean within the metal finishing industry

This is a great article for Lean professionals to show how measured improvements can be earned through installing Lean.  With sales increase over 58%, Parts Per Million Defects reduced by 75%, and On-Time Delivery nearing 100%.  This was accomplished through Lean principles of valuing the workforce to own their processes to make improvements and eliminating […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Kaikaku – Manufacturing Re-Imagined

How do we know if we are utilizing best practices?  The answer is in identifying the current state.  Kaikaku or radical change identifies the issue of stagnation to create a new process or model.  Thus, we are going beyond the Toyota Production System (TPS) for incremental improvement.  This is the basis for Black Belt studies.  […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: How family status affects women at work?

Raising the corporate ladder is difficult for anyone.  The latest research indicates being a woman with kids is not a favorable indicator for success.  The positive indicator of mentorship boosts the results for women.  The interesting fact from the article is that the supply of women with credible education backgrounds would point to a more […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: LEAN Manufacturing through Compact Machining Cell

This article describes the true intention of Lean to establish a continuous improvement cycle.  This group started with over 1,700 parts to categorize for production and tooling then to capacity.  This led to a reorganization of the shop floor based on the pull from the customer.  This also produced a “process family code system” for […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: How to Run a Factory

This article provides a list for utilizing continuous improvement initiatives when running a factory.  For any industry, this can be used for implementing Lean. Focus on today’s technology before buying something new When possible, never do “all new” Pay attention to detail. Don’t assume Adopt a “common” focus Be extremely wary of expanding by acquisitions […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Finding a second career may be easier than you think

A recent report indicates what many professionals believe that finding a new career for older workers is possible.  The report indicates that those over 45 of age seeking a new career successfully found one 82% of the time.  This is an amazing statistic since this is not experienced by younger workers.  This is a change […]