Gary Kapanowski – Is Ailbaba worth $125 per share?

From the initial public offering (IPO) of $68 per share, Alibaba (BABA) shares have increased to over $100. Since that quick rise, the stock has receded to $85. Should this be part of your core investment holdings in 12 months? Is this the next Google for China? There are many reasons to say yes to […]

Gary Kapanowski – Macomb County – Michigan Investment produces several top 10 lists throughout the year. This one really caught my eye in regards to the Macomb County “Arsenal of Democracy” theme in Michigan. This area is fully entrenched with the Big 3 Auto companies from the beginning of the industrial age and even increased after World War II. For our analysis, […]

Gary Kapanowski – Lamborghini Aventador

In the spirit of MC Hammer “You can’t touch this” comes something from my wheel-house: Fast Sport Cars. Yep, in the latest offering by Michael Bay’s Transformer series, “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, the star actors cannot touch the sport cars unless they are using them in a scene (See article below). Hey, both Autobots and […]

Gary Kapanowski: Technology gap over time

It is amazing to read how progress takes time, or days, to show its value. In this article by Dylan Love, Kepler’s prediction of the most efficient way of stacking spheres was in a pyramid formation was left unproven for over 400 years. Well that changed as Thomas Hales’ “The Flyspeck Project” and the help […]

Gary Kapanowski: Millionaire Cities

The top 5 cities, based on percentage of total population, that millionaire’s call home are not surprising. The biggest surprise was the lack of representation from Asia. With Singapore #8 and Hong Kong at #11, I would expect this top 5 to change by 2020. Being an international traveller, it’s nice to see 9 cities […]

Gary Kapanowski: Marvel / DC Movie List

Here is something fun. Being an avid comic book fanatic, it’s great to see these classic stories come to life in movies. Over the next several years, many of the great hero and villains will be display for us in IMAX and 3D content. Enjoy this renaissance in modern day mythology!! Gary Kapanowski – Lean […]

Gary Kapanowski: 2014 Stock Market Watch

Reading several reports over the past quarter illustrates that many pundits have miss-timed the market. This is due to several new inputs not seen in past markets or recoveries. This includes the aggressive Federal Reserve buying of debt, change in the US regulation industry, and change in the health care industry. Alan Greenspan also proved […]

Gary Kapanowski: YouTube Millionaires

How would you describe a millionaire? Today that would include YouTube video content. The article by Jurica Dujmovic describes how some people were able to use the YouTube business model in their favor to become millionaires.  Enjoy!! Article Link: Gary Kapanowski The following blog is the opinion of Gary Kapanowski and It is […]

Gary Kapanowski: What’s wrong with the American economy

This is a great article by MarketWatch explaining how the American worker has doubled productivity but haven’t experienced any wage increase since 1979. There are many conclusion drawn from this report, but the main issues is that the change in the wage structure as a connection with productivity does not hold anymore in the new […]