GARY KAPANOWSKI: Think high and you can attain full potential

This is a great article on striving for your best in everything you do. This is something we all do at times and want to do all the time.  The article provides a great way of doing this every day.  Highly Recommended. Steps for Full Potential: Forcibly get things done Accept personal responsibility for outcomes […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: The Power of Information

This is a great article discussing the age of real time information.  There has never been a time where people have access to real information in real time.  It is hard to hide macro event details.  Read this quick article to see if you agree with me that this is just our detection of the […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Continuous Improvement Project Log

When a team completes a continuous improvement project, everyone feels a sense of pride and joy in doing good work for other team members and the organization.  As the Lean journey continues, the question becomes how do we learn from our mistakes to become better and faster?  The best way to do this is though […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Emoji not a Midwest thing?

Midwest employees frown on emoji trend, survey says Communication is always an interesting study and business communications can be ever more so.  In a recent study, Michigan emojis usage in business communications was far below the national average.  Some examples include the Michigan respondents viewed emoji use as a negative 47% compared to the national […]


GARY KAPANOWSKI: LEAN FUNDAMENTALS FOR ACCOUNTANTS Executive Summary: The goal for this article is to provide accountants with the proper fundamentals of Lean and practical uses for the Lean tools in the office.  This article will also provide the reader with quick implementation of Lean tools and techniques to validate the benefits of Lean. Introduction […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Bernanke explains that individuals were responsible for wrongdoing and not the firms in the financial crisis

This is a great insight on the post financial crisis aftermath. After everyone blamed the ones that fixed the problem and offered advice to provide counter measures to prevent the issue from reoccurring, we find out that many involved did not bear their responsibility as promised.  It seems this was something that was discussed to […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: China’s manufacturing index falls for 6th straight month

China’s official manufacturing purchasing managers index, a gauge of the nation’s factory activity, fell to 49.4 in January from 49.7 a month ago, adding to signs of continued sluggishness in the world’s second largest economy. China’s official manufacturing purchasing managers index, a gauge of the nation’s factory activity, fell to 49.4 in January from 49.7 […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Bill Gates lists the best books he read in 2015

I’m always interested in learning. By reading and networking outside of your comfort zone, you can grow. Every year, Bill Gates communicates his reading list from the past year. This past year’s list is very intriguing. You might find this helpful and enlightening. “The Road to Character” by David Brooks; asks the question of when […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Amazon thinks it can beat Black Friday with ‘Prime Day’

The new question for customers is will you change your buying behavior on July 15th for Amazon Prime Day?  This is the rival for ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ along with other holiday shopping days.  As an outreach of Amazon’s 20th birthday, big discounts are available for subscribers to their ‘Prime’ membership.  Will this be […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: The real reason college is so expensive

This is a great article explaining the main reason for the rise in the cost of college tuition.  Using practical problem solving techniques and economic theory, the main reason is the expanded access to money by the federal government to pay for school.  For every dollar available to a student in subsidized federal aid, the […]