Gary Kapanowski: What’s wrong with the American economy

This is a great article by MarketWatch explaining how the American worker has doubled productivity but haven’t experienced any wage increase since 1979. There are many conclusion drawn from this report, but the main issues is that the change in the wage structure as a connection with productivity does not hold anymore in the new […]

Gary Kapanowski: Enhancing Effectiveness of the IMA

The IMA, or Institute of Management Accountants, works for both the interests and advancement of career-minded accounting and finance industry professionals, offering an abundance of career resources. These resources, says Gary Kapanowski, include research, education, professional certifications, networking and the promotion of only the highest ethical and professional practices. Gary Kapanowski is a firm believer […]

Gary Kapanowski: Community Revitalization Committee

Gary Kapanowski was once a member of the Institute of Management Accountants Community Revitalization Committee, an effort to grow organizational membership and provide even more accounting and finance professionals the opportunity to access valuable networking and career-building resources. As a part of the IMA Community Revitalization Committee, Gary Kapanowski was committed to the development of […]