Your degree will determine you employment status in today’s job market, especially for those aged 22 to 26.  Here are some interesting facts:

  • Most employed degree is education majors (94.9%) followed by agriculture and natural resources majors (95.5%), physical science majors (95%) and industrial arts, consumer services and recreation majors (94.6%)
  • Lowest employed degree is architecture (89.7%), communication and journalism (91.8%), social sciences (91.9%), psychology and social work (91%), law and public policy (91.4%), and humanities and liberal arts (91.6%)
  • Graduate degrees assist in being employed, especially for those experienced workers aged 35 to 54, dropping to a low of 96.7% employed at the peak of the financial crisis.
  • With college debt totaling $1.16 trillion in 2014, the question to ask is “What did I get for my money”
  • Projected full employment is forecasted in 2017, about 97.5%
  • Recent college graduates wage premium over high school graduates by 140%, with engineering earning double
  • The demand for college graduates has not diminish

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