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GARY KAPANOWSKI: Four efficient steps toward a positive culture

Implementing culture change anywhere is a difficult and time-consuming task.  At organizations, this process is most difficult due to the nature of the change is at a work environment where individual goals are not the same as the organization’s goals.  This doesn’t have to be the case though. This article from the University of Michigan’s […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Say Nice Things About Your Colleagues This Week. You Won’t Regret It

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.  It’s a great saying and true.  A study by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Center for Positive Organizations provides a guideline to assist everyone in improving tram moral.  Remember shallow comments don’t add value.  Affirmations that are meaningful and effective include the following: Create a […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: The pen is still mightier than the sword

This is a great article noting several studies showing the handwritten notetakers performed better than computer note takers.  Until I see more statistical data, I think there are more reasons than the simple notation of paper versus computer notes.  One is the level of mastery of paper and computer note taking.  Each study did not […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart

This is a nice chart describing the yearly improvements of different income classes in America.  This study needs to be expanded for more understanding of the data and cures to fix the issue. Article Link: Gary Kapanowski – Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Excelsior The following blog is the opinion of Gary Kapanowski […]