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GARY KAPANOWSKI: Breaking down who earns the minimum wage

This is a great study on the data behind the minimum wage.  As we know, the President’s statement of people living on $15,000 a year if applied the minimum wage to full time employees is the real question.  How many people does this incorporate? 3.3 million or 2.4% of total US workers in 2013 earned […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: The best paying jobs for college graduates

Your degree will determine you employment status in today’s job market, especially for those aged 22 to 26.  Here are some interesting facts: Most employed degree is education majors (94.9%) followed by agriculture and natural resources majors (95.5%), physical science majors (95%) and industrial arts, consumer services and recreation majors (94.6%) Lowest employed degree is […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: 10 highest paid jobs in America

There are several studies completed regarding the best paying jobs for 2015.  Below is that list along with the average base salary. Physician, $212,270 Pharmacy manager, $131,099 Software architect, $130,891 Software development manager, $123,747 Finance manager, $123,534 Solutions architect, $121,522 Lawyer, $120,424 Analytics manager, $115,725 IT manager, $115,642 Tax manager, $114,966 Article Link: Gary […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: The 11 Best U.S. Companies for Students to Get Summer Internships

We all love reading lists and this is no different.  For current college students, obtaining an internship is as close to winning the lottery.  This lists the best companies and a review why they made the list. Facebook Chevron Google Quicken Loan eBay Yahoo! Epic Systems Schlumberger NBCUniversal Boston Consulting Group Apple Article Link: […]