Monthly Archives: January 2015

Gary Kapanowski: Risks grow as global economies diverge in 2015

In this analysis by Mohamed El-Erian, one of the world’s best economic minds, illustrates the importance of the strong US dollar is having in the world.  The word “divergence” is being used in many corners.  It is a basic gap analysis on a macro scale.  El-Erian describes the world into four groups.  By understanding these […]

Gary Kapanowski: Here are the reasons oil is plunging

The 44% drop in oil price at the end of 2014 continues to confuse many experts.  There are several reasons for the issue.  This article lists all the reason with possible explanations.  I will list them here for your observation. Shade Oil Price War Weak Demand Geopolitical Fears Strong Dollar There are only three counties […]

Gary Kapanowski: 5 Good Reasons to Make Metrics Your Mantra

It’s easy to understand that the goal for the team, division, and/or company when you have clear and understandable metrics.  Team members can talk to it, discuss it, and solve problems due to the known goal.  It is why employees are needed:  customer problems produce profit opportunities for problem solvers. By having a full control […]

Gary Kapanowski: 10 things the college admissions office won’t tell you

This article clearly explains the complex puzzle known as college admissions.  It is amazing to see when states like Michigan force high schools to use SAT exclusively when the statistics clearly state there is no difference between the SAT and ACT in determining college performance.  In 2012, more students are selecting the ACT over the […]

Gary Kapanowski: STAR Interview Techniques

This is a great article explaining the gold standard on interview techniques – STAR Method.  Dayna Azzopardi does an outstanding job explaining the STAR Method and how to implement easily.  To summarize: Situation: Background of the problem Task: Problems & challenges Actions: What you did to solve the problem Results: Benefits or Impact, use specific […]

Gary Kapanowski: The Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2015

This is a nice article for those looking to update their skills sets for today’s economy.  Based on the survey results from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), ten specific skills can be improved to show growth and relevance. Ability to work in a team structure Ability to make decisions and solve problems […]

Gary Kapanowski: Goldman Sachs has three rules for investing success in this volatile market

In today’s volatile market, staying true to your investment strategy becomes very difficult.  To assist investors, Goldman Sachs provided three rules to assist in obtaining profits.  To start, the factors driving he market are Global growth in clouds, Dollar strength to be at par with the euro, the bear market for oil, and small caps […]