Monthly Archives: January 2015

GARY KAPANOWSKI: Union Membership declining

Having data is important not only understanding the issues, but also in framing the questions.  As I reviewed the government data on union membership, it is interesting to see the macro effects of the current state of membership. Throughout the union, the top three states with union membership are New York (24.6%), Alaska (22.8%), and […]


For your residence, the question of buying or renting can be difficult to answer.  If you do not have constraints that would exclude a purchase decision, its best to buy, even in today’s market.  The return as calculated din this article would amount to $700,000 over 30 years.  With 6 out of 10 millennials indicating […]

GARY KAPANOWSKI: MLK and what separates the great leaders from the good ones

As we reflect today on MLK day, we realize the importance of activism and civil rights for all.  Considered as the greatest orator of the 20th century, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream speech wasn’t even scripted for the last six minutes.  We can learn several lessons from a great leader. Communicating with impact Communicate […]