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Gary Kapanowski: Leadership Lessons From Women Leaders

There are many forms of leadership, i.e. what works for some might not work for another.  It’s important for each of us as Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to explore these different techniques and qualities to see if it helps us with our teams.  This includes people from different gender, race, country, etc.  This article […]

Gary Kapanowski: Saudi Texas

Texas crude oil production has a remarkable history and variance.  In 1985, the production level of 2,500,000 barrels per day even created a television show.  This was the high watermark for the region.  As the production slowed, no one predicted at that time the bottom would end with 900,000 barrels per day in 2001, a […]

Gary Kapanowski: 10 reasons organizations don’t use Lean Six Sigma, Part II

After viewing the last blog, did you identify how your organization would answer the question of why you don’t use Lean Six?  Review the following demystifying answers for not implementing Lean Six Sigma.  If you require addition assistance, please contact me. 1. I’ve never heard of Lean Six Sigma. Definitely a valid reason. While growing […]

Gary Kapanowski: 10 Reasons Organizations Don’t Use Lean Six Sigma

Many organizations offer reasons for not implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.  The benefits are documented in every industry for implementation.  Here are several “reasons” cited for not utilizing this now global standard for continuous improvement.  Where does your organization fall in this list?  The next blog will contain the demystifying of these 10 reasons. […]

Gary Kapanowski: The future of manufacturing – 3D Printing

You need to build a part, use lean manufacturing, and satisfy complex quality and safety concerns.  No problem.  Just start with a 3D printing device.  After watching this process, I am convinced that the next generation of DFSS process will include these machines.  It fits all the parameters for lean manufacturing including reducing scrap for […]

Gary Kapanowski: American teens don’t want to work?

This article by MarketWatch clearly displays the struggles for summer employment for today’s students.  Interestingly, this decline is in tandem with the overall productive gains from American workers (1979).  There seems to be a correlation between the increase in productive gains by workers and the reduction of overall jobs in the marketplace.  A cannibalization of […]

Gary Kapanowski: Shaolin monks to create kung fu mobile app

This brings us to the topic of “what’s old is new again”. The thousand plus year order of the Shaolin monks show how they can adopt, change, grow with the times. The article by Laura He points to the order’s determination to continue to expand and stay relevant with the times, i.e. brand management. This […]